Something new.

In 1997 I called you to spread my love to as many people around the world as fast as you can. I called you to be a missionary. I brought you around the world. Let you meet so many different people. You served in so many ways. You saw and experienced so much pain, anguish and difficulty. But never forgot to spread my love.

Now I call you to remember my call to you. In this new evangelization. To use those experiences of different cultures and people and pain to bring my love to the world as fast as you can.

Bring my love to the lonely in Costa Rica. To the simple in Ghana. To the distracted in Austria. To the comfortable in Australia. To the scared in Indonesia. To the complacent in the Philippines.

To the far ends of the Earth and to you neighbor in missionary work.

My call hasn’t changed. It is still the same.


I attended a 3-day retreat in Don Bosco Batulao (beautiful place!) with the rest of the Body of Counselors of CFC FFL, and also other servant-leaders. Fr. Gustilo was supposed to give it, but due to reasons beyond his control, he was stuck in Hong Kong (nothing like Singson’s problems, though). So we had Fr. Kennedy. A funny, insightful and relaxed priest, who was just what I needed.

One of the things we did was go to the Chapel on the Hill, and go through the Labyrinth on the floor. It is just like the one they have in 7 approved Church sites in Europe. It is meant to be for those who wish to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, but cannot.

At the mouth of the Labyrinth, you lift up a concern. As you go through it, you pray about that concern, and you lift it up to God. At the middle, you wait for God’s response. Listen. And then as you go back through the Labyrinth, you process that response and how it will affect your life. Awesome.

The afternoon before, actually, we snuck up to the Chapel on the Hill and went through it haphazardly. Not knowing what to do. And with our shoes on (you should be barefoot). Suffice to say, the second experience was MUCH better.

Some realizations:

1. Don’t miss the mark. When the rule is to go barefoot, don’t wear socks. Don’t be “almost there”. Be there.

2. Don’t lose compassion for those who limp along the way.

3. Don’t cut corners and hurry because you think you’ve done it before. Because even if you had, you can still learn.

As for me, I am reminded to be a better person every day. A better son, father, husband, friend, co-worker, everything. Because if I do not become better everyday, then I am cheating myself of what I can and should be – a son of God made in His image and likeness.