A Dream for the Future

Remember the big three things happening at the same time? Remember the first one? Well here’s the second one. We … More

Dream and Innovate

We had our Advent Recollection on Sunday and had two wonderful speakers in Fr. Ben Beltran and Fr. Jek Arada. … More

Saints and Souls

The first two days of November are all about prayer, being thankful and making memories with those who are important. … More

Be Silent

The Gospel today is of Bartimaeus, the blind man, calling out to Jesus. And the people telling him to be … More

Always Catholic

This is not an easy time in the Church. I always have to brace myself, and make sure I do … More

Pepe and Dede

How can we not react to this latest brouhaha from Mocha Uson? WATCH: Sneak peek of our federalism lecture series … More