Pepe and Dede

How can we not react to this latest brouhaha from Mocha Uson? WATCH: Sneak peek of our federalism lecture series … More

Oh Isidro.

Our best friends have an angel in Heaven. Cocoi, my best man (in my wedding and in life) and Gay’s … More

Lessons of a Missionary

Wrote this to the New Evangelization Conference team after our evaluation session. Just seemed apt to give some unsolicited lessons, … More

Change of Lifestyle

As anyone who struggles with dieting, exercising and health knows… it is really a struggle. After starting a health journey … More

2 Year Assignment

I was one of 7 appointed to be part of the CFC-FFL Servant Council starting this June 16. It is … More

Destined for Greatness

We held the annual New Evangelization Conference and Catholic Expo last May 19 at the Cuneta Astrodome. I think in … More

Summer Fun 2018

This is a hectic summer for the kids. We don’t usually enroll in summer programs – maybe just a swimming … More