Survivor: Blood vs Water Power Rankings (Episode 4)

I was right!

They got island fever too soon. Brad ousted John. And he targeted Caleb. Now, Caleb fought back and became a big player. But, as we see from previews, he may have grown a huge ego with this move. And that doesn’t always help. He can easily be kicked off feeling superior… just like Brad.

I love John and Candice. They are my new Survivor couple. 🙂 I am glad Marissa is out. Hope they have a Redemption Island baby and name him Galang or her Tadhana.

I don’t think that the Power Rankings have changed much. And if Galang loses, Kat will leave before Laura B. Laura is actually a good player! Rupert should be proud. If Tadhana loses, I think Caleb will go. It doesn’t seem like the girls will rally behind him. And that makes good TV.

Tadhana actually means “fate” (while Galang means “respect”). It is fated for the loved ones to lose. They are such a bad tribe! Either that or experience really helps in the game. The returnees knew what to expect, and they just snapped back into Survivor form. The newbies are in a new environment, adjusting to everything. So they lose. Every time. Let’s hope it changes next episode. Or else we are entering a merge full of returnees… though the loved ones twist does make it interesting.

Pair up!

PS. It would be nice for Redemption Island to end like this: 3 battle. Loser gets sent home. Winner gets into the merge. And second place stays on the island. And continues to battle the voted off Survivors one on one. Until final 5.


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