Survivor: Blood vs Water Power Rankings (Episode 3)

I love blindsides!

First off, so sad to see Colton quit again. Why they brought back a quitter is beyond me. Quitters never win. And the blindside of John, classic! He should have found the idol and used it.

The interplay of loved ones is great! I don’t want to see it every season, but it makes good TV now. Voting someone off to weaken the other person is good, but it can have a negative effect (like just making them angry). The power rankings have shifted!

1-5 (last week 6-10). The “Don’t Say Anything” alliance of Aras, Tina, Monica, Gervase and Tyson. This is the stronger one now because the last one just crumbled. Majorly crumbled.

6 (11). Laura – Still flying under the radar and not a threat. No need to boot her off.

7-11 (1-5). The new five alliance of Vytas, Caleb, Hayden, Katie and Ciera. Not really an alliance but just a group who are plotting to oust Brad.

12 (13). Laura B. – She has imbedded herself with the returnees, more than Kat.

13 (12). Kat – She has no alliances. And she is spreading false rumors.

14. Brad – He is on the outs. For being the ringleader and for being too noisy!

As usual, with any season with returning players, they dominate.

And on Redemption Island: Candice, Marissa and John. John probably won’t win against those two.


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