Survivor: Blood vs Water Power Rankings (Episode 2)


Well, Rupert is now the first person off the island. He was neither voted off, medically evacuated, it wasn’t a left-out-of-a-tribe-draft-pick and he didn’t quit. He makes history again. Rachel was just voted off, and she will probably lose the challenge too. Candice and Marissa can make it (maybe two people get to be re-inserted in the game at the merge) if none of the guys get voted off or switch places.

So after episode 2, who are on top?

1-5. The five men (or as Brad would say four guys and a gay guy) alliance of Brad, Vytas, Caleb, John and Hayden. I’ve never seen an alliance like this make it to the end, but they are pretty solid now.

6-10. The “Don’t Say Anything” alliance of Aras, Tina, Monica, Gervase and Tyson. If these two alliances stick together, then you’ve got the merge right there. But then, you’d have 2 pairs reunited (Aras & Vytas and Brad & Monica) and that’s not always good.

11. Laura – Flying under the radar, and not good being outside an alliance.

12. Kat – She has no alliances either. And she is spreading false rumors.

13. Colton – He is creating drama. The reason I put him this high is because they keep winning.

14. Ciera – She is getting closer to Vytas, so she has more staying power than Katie.

15. Katie – She hasn’t pulled her weight, and she has no alliances.

16. Laura B. – The returnees will vote her off first, even before Colton.



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