Survivor: Blood vs Water – Guilty by Association (Episode 1)



Everyone knows I am a Survivor fan. I have watched the show since the start. When it was still on normal TV, then disappeared onto cable, then disappeared altogether (but on YouTube), and now back on cable [all in the Philippines]. I love the show! And even with all the twists and turns, it always ends up good (except for Survivor Fiji].

The new season had a lot of negative press coming in. Returnees vs loved ones? Redemption island? Hidden idols? You can switch places with loved ones on Redemption island? And I had my doubts, but the first episode quelled them. It was a good one.

The pairs spent the first night together on the island, and we already saw Colton’s future. He will crumble without his loved one. When his loved one gets voted off, he will quit for sure (and again we saw this during the challenge when Colton cried because the other tribe lost).

The next day they were split up into tribes, and they had to vote off one person from the start. The returnees voted off Candice because she was a replacement. It was supposed to be RC, but at the last minute they were replaced. So Candice didn’t have the pre-play strategizing. And why not vote off the new guy? The loved one of Rupert was also voted off. I think because they thought she was the weakest, and would weaken the strongest in the other tribe. They were more strategic.

Rupert then switched places with his wife – which is stupid because it doomed both of them. Rupert is no Ozzy who can go to Redemption, come back, go back again, and return. Rupert will eventually lose.

Galang means respect. And Tadhana means fate. I think the tribe names will play a role. The loved ones will make it to the end. It’s fate. Even if returnees usually make it to the end (and win), this is different because there are relationships involved.

Returnees won the immunity challenge. Gervase goes wild, and dooms Marissa (his niece) in the process. That, to me, is the clincher in this season. What you do will influence the other tribe. And what one tribe does will be to weaken the other. Marissa wasn’t the weakest, but Gervase insulted them all. It was payback. Also, she wan’t in the all-male alliance, so any of the 4 of them would have been easy pickings.

Now the loved ones have an alliance of 5 men with 3 women on the outskirts. An all-men alliance has never made it. And I think it won’t last until the end. On the returnees side, Laura (of Rupert) is on the outs and is the weakest. She will be their first vote out.


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