The Survivor Super Season



Malcolm was just voted off Survivor Caramoan. They tried to get an alliance together with Sherri and Erik (to join their 3 Amigos), but Stealth R Us was just too strong even after Phillip got voted off. Now Reynold will go next, and Eddie after that. Unless they win Immunity. Though curious to have 8 left with 3 shows left. So you have an extra person. Either someone will quit or get evacuated. That will leave 5 going into the finale with a top 3. Dawn and Cochran have this in the bag. A strong alliance of two always makes it to the end.

With Malcolm gone, it got me thinking about a Survivor Super Season! One with awesome players who have never won. Strategic, strong, sociable. And see who gets to the end. Here are my picks:

1. Malcolm (4th Philippines. 9th Caramoan). Strong player, with heart.

2. Kelly (2nd Borneo). If Rich started the alliance making; Kelly started the flipping. She needs to come back and play again.

3. Elizabeth (4th Australia). The original sweetheart (well, Colleen of Borneo too).

4. Kathy (3rd Marquesas. 8th All-Star). The mom who could do anything!

5. Rob (3rd Amazon. 14th All-Star). The original schemer and super fan!

6. Stephenie (7th Palau. 2nd Guatemala. 19th Heroes vs Villains). Yes, she played three times already. But boy, she can play!

7. Ozzy (2nd Cook Islands. 9th Fans vs Favorites. 4th South Pacific). The island man.

8. Amanda (3rd China. 2nd Fans vs Favorites. 9th Heroes vs Villains). Hope she doesn’t crack under pressure this time.

9. Matty (4th Gabon). Yes, he should have won.

10. Taj (4th Tocantins). A match up with her and Cirie!

11. Benry (7th Nicaragua).

12. Alicia (5th One World). The new bad girl.

13. Coby (9th Palau). A match up with Colton! Classic.

14. Cirie (4th Panama. 3rd Fans vs Favorites). She is one of the best players ever.

15. Adam (5th Cook Islands). Remember how he left? With a make out session at Tribal?

16. Colton (13th One World).

17. Holly (4th Nicaragua).

18. Troyzan (8th One World).

Of course this will lead to the Survivor All-Winner Season. Which, if ever Survivor gets cancelled, must be the last season. Get all the winners together for a shot at 10 Million dollars. Who won’t join that? Interesting to see Rob and Amber (married); Ethan and Jenna (split); original winner Rich and two-time winner Sandra. That HAS to be it. And add Probst to join in too.


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