Survivor Caramoan Episode 2: Shamar steals the show!

A show that has always been my way to “relax” is Survivor. I just love watching them fight and plan and claw their way to the top. Is it scripted? Who cares?!

The second episode is making this season better. Brandon is going crazy (as expected), and I believe he and Phillip will be the next two out from the favorites tribe. They haven’t changed and they won’t go so far this time.

In the fans tribe, it is 6 vs 4. It’s like those 4 never watched Survivor. Are they really fans? They stuck together, alienated everyone else, and even caused a commotion with the rest. One found the idol and then revealed to everyone else that he had it. I bet he never watched the show. So he can’t be a fan.

Shamar stole the show for me. He is a great character causing lots of drama! I hope he stays long with his alliance of 6. He will never win, but he makes good TV. If he keeps it up, he’ll be brought back for sure. He was so good he took the spotlight away from the one who was sent home: Allie.

The 3 are going home before they know it.


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