The Problem with Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs Favorites


The favorites are not the “WOW” comeback tribe. I think it worked the first time because you had Parvati, Amanda, Cirie, James, Eliza, Ozzy, Ami, Penner, Yau Man and even Fairplay. When you saw them walk out, it was WOW that a tribe. Great players, fun and controversial personalities… you knew there was a good season ahead.

Now, you have just controversial characters, weird people and a spattering of good players in the league of F vs F part 1. They could have brought in better players. I mean, Francesca? Voted out FIRST? And then voted out FIRST AGAIN? From 18th place to 20th place.

So in the Favorites tribe you have the “Boston Rob” alliance of Phillip, Andrea and Corinne. And alliance of Survivor 10 alums Dawn and Cochran. With Brandon and Erik in the outs for now, and with Erik distrustful of his co-season alum Andrea. Malcolm and Brenda are flying low, so they will go farther, with them not knowing who Malcolm is.

And in the Fans, the “cool kids” have grouped together again. Which can be used against them. And most probably will be used against them. Especially since one of the pairs in that foursome were already making out! I mean, Day 1 and you are making out with someone? This isn’t Cancun! It’s Survivor. Most probably the girl in that kissing pair will go home if the Fans lose next week.

I love Survivor, and I’ll still watch the season. But with the F vs F theme, they should have chosen better Faves. Instead, it will be just like watching a normal season. If the Faves lose, Brandon will go. Here we go!


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