Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites


I did like Fans vs Favorites when it was aired as Season 16 (5 years) ago. They had a good mix of people who loved the show, and those who finished in 7th place or later. So it is kind of weird that in this incarnation, they have 10 people in the favorites tribe, with only 6 of them who finished 7th or later (Erik, Corinne, Brandon, Philip, Andrea, Michael). Of course, Brenda, Dawn and Cochran are interesting characters. But do they deserve to come back? And Francesca? Just because she was loud? Would her 18th place finish become a 20th place finish? That would be a Survivor first.

It would have been nice to see Crystal or Kenny. Or Matty. Or Taj (maybe a season of Taj vs Cirie). Even Holly. Even Alicia. And I am sure you recognize their names from past Seasons. Why not them? We could have well done without Erik again. Oh well. Maybe for future seasons.

As with all seasons that bring back players, expect them to dominate. Especially in the fans versus favorites set-up. The fans never make a move against the favorites until it is too late. And with 20 castaways. there will be double votes, unless they expect people to get injured or quit.

For the favorites, don’t expect Francesca to go far. Philip will go after her again, and he has the numbers with him. Dawn and Cochran will most likely ally themselves. And Brandon will lose his mind. That would make good TV though.

Good luck favorites! If I had to choose my picks, I’d go for Dawn, Brenda, Cochran and Michael to go far.



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