Survivor Philippines (Season 25): And the winner will be…

… not Abi.

She was voted off tonight. Finally. Though come on guys, she definitely is the best person to bring to the next round.. and then get rid of her. You had the chance to take out Denise. Should have taken it.

Lisa is playing a very loyal game. She stayed loyal to Tandang all the way until she broke off from Pete and Abi. Then aligned as 4, and now that is where she is. She can always play the loyalty card. Though that not always gives you a million dollars.

Skupin has the returnee magic. A returnee always wins (except Stephenie in Guatemala… oh and Coach and Ozzy a couple of seasons ago)! So he has history on his side. Why take him to the end when he can push that point? That he played before, had a huge target and survived.

Denise has been to EVERY SINGLE TRIBAL COUNCIL. Is that a record? She played hard. And she will be tough to beat at the end. Though she does have a lot of enemies.

Malcolm is playing a good game (hope he shaves and cuts his nasty hair). He has an idol. He has been winning immunity. He (and Denise) survived their original tribe getting decimated. And everyone likes him. It would be crazy to bring him to the end. He is friends with everyone there.

But who will win? Will it be split 2-2 next time? Malcolm or Skupin will win immunity. Maybe Malcolm. Skupin and Denise will tie. Denise will lose and leave.

But wait, it’s a final 4 going into the finale? It won’t be a final 3. Skupin will win again. And Malcolm will be voted off. And since everyone loves him, he will be brought back for Survivor 26. Though he might not have the same effect (fans vs favorites, but mixed tribes is the rumor) as Russell did before (Samoa and Heroes vs Villains). Or Amanda did before that (China and Fans vs Favorites). He won’t go to the end twice.

Skupin vs Lisa? It is Skupin for sure.


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