Survivor Philippines (Season 25) Episode 11: Rigged for Abi and Drama

So last week Pete was sent home and Abi had her big awakening of how other people perceive her…. Oh wait, no she didn’t. She kept being the way she is, even when she knew she was at the bottom.

Kudos to Abi that she knows how to play the game. At the auction, she used her money to buy the advantage. And that led her to the finals of the Immunity Challenge.

Now here is where it gets fishy. Parts 1 and 2 of the challenge involved being tied to a ring and navigating through a rope maze. Part 3 was just untying laces around ropes. What? Looks fishy to me. It would be ok if all three challenges built up on one another and were different. Or even if they got consistently harder as you went along – like the last one which involved going in and out of the water, around boats.

But untying laces? Come on. It was not worthy of a final challenge for this episode. But it was worthy for drama. Because it saved Abi. And that’s probably what the producers wanted.

True to form, Lisa stuck to her alliance of 4 and voted out her most trusted friend: Penner. I like how people play the game like the live their lives. It makes it hard to win, but not impossible. The cut throat, backstab everyone style is fun to watch, but it doesn’t say much about how we are as people (or does it?).

Bye Penner. You made it to 7th yet again. One more time? Do a Boston Rob. Go for the 4th time and win.

At the top now, we have:

1. Malcolm. An alliance of 4 and an Immunity Idol. He is safe no matter what. I think next episode is the last time he can use it.

2. Denise. Aligned with Malcolm. If either of them win Immunity, the Hidden one will be shared. So they are both safe.

3-4. Skupin and Lisa. Final 4. For sure.

5. Carter.

6. Abi.


I predict a F3 of Skupin, Denise and Lisa. Denise doesn’t have any of the old Tandang. Lisa doesn’t have any of the old Kalabaw. Skupin will win it. What a victorious comeback after falling into the fire 12 years ago πŸ™‚


One comment

  1. If you look very carefully and use your DVR to step through the frames of the 3rd part of the challenge with Abi, Carter, and Penner, you see several instances where you can count the number of loops in the knots. Penner and Carter clearly had 6 loops, but Abi appears in several cases to have only had 5 loops. That’s all the advantage she needed. Suspicions are right. Definitely rigged…But hey, the outcome makes for a better TV series.

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