Survivor Philippines (Season 25) Episode 10: The Game has Flipped!

I love this series! The plot twists and turns are so good. We all come into this episode knowing Pete and Abi are on the bottom. Moreso Pete because Abi has the immunity idol. We see Malcolm gameplay when his group wins reward and he kills strategy talk. And with Carter winning immunity, Pete is sure to go home.

And he did. But not without a fight! He almost convinced Skupin to flip (again) and vote off Malcolm (who still has an idol). That would have been good for that, but for sure Abi and Pete would have flipped on Skupin to vote him off. Skupin did good to stick to the plan.

With Skupin, Lisa, Denise and Malcolm in a so-so solid alliance it seems they would go to the end. But with the idol of Malcolm still in play, anything can happen. I think Abi will go home. There’s no sense in aligning with her (since all the strong alliances are pairs) because it will only make you have a good 3 versus a 4.

Lisa and her way of playing will stick to Malcolm and Denise, even if Skupin will try to flush out the idol.

[The news is Malcolm comes back for Season 26… so it might be a “Russell” type where he makes it to the end]


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