Survivor Philippines (Season 25) Episode 9: Yes to Loyalty or No to Bullying?

This was another good episode! The Philippines always delivers with good TV (Google Amalayer). And this Survivor episdoe wasn’t any different.

I am extremely happy Skupin flipped. It was Tandang vs everyone else. And with everyone else only having 4 people: Penner, Malcolm, Carter and Denise – they would be picked off one by one. But these former players know how to swing people, especially Penner.

He got Skupin to leave those who have been bullying him since day 1, and join their 4. And so, Penner saved himself and put the 5 of them in control.

On the flipside, you have Lisa. Who is ALSO being bullied by Abi. Yet she chose to still stay with them and vote for them. I don’t get it. She wasn’t afraid last episode to make a big move. Maybe she got burned too much and didn’t want to rock the boat.

It is one thing to be loyal. But when those who you are loyal with have been bullying you since day 1, then you need to check your head. Why stay with them? Why torture yourself. UNLESS you want to stay with them until the end so you can win against them. But I don’t think Lisa had that in mind.

Artis was voted out. And so we will not hear any more words than the ten words he spoke ALL SEASON. Hopefully Carter gets a chance to speak more. And even Pete.

Now the 5 are in charge: Penner, Malcolm, Denise, Carter and Skupin. Skupin will bring Lisa with him, even if she isn’t voting with them. The only way Pete will be safe is if he wins immunity. Because for sure, Abi will be using her idol.

2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2. It’s any pair for the win!

1-4: Penner, Carter, Malcolm and Denise. They have the numbers to pick off the Tandang tribe. And they won’t be cracking. For sure.

5. Skupin. He can vote with the 4, or go back to Tandang and cause a tie. I don’t think he will go back.

6. Lisa. She needs to get out of her own head! She’ll ride Skupin’s coat tails all the way. It may get her to the end, but she won’t win.

7. Abi. She has an idol. She should use it. And learn that bullies don’t win.

8. Pete. Same as above, but without the idol. Bye Pete.


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