The Amazing Race Philippines is a good show :-)

I have been a fan of The Amazing Race since it started (just like Survivor) many years ago (it’s on it’s 21st Season now). And I even watched the Amazing Race Asia seasons (all 4 of them, even if they weren’t that good). And so, with the start of Amazing Race Philippines last Monday, I had to tune in to see it.

And it did not disappoint. The race will be within the Philippines (as far as I can tell), and the contestants are interesting! There are those who appear strong, and those who I think will just be eliminated before the race really gets competitive. It’s also interesting that they show 30 minutes of the race everyday (Monday to Saturday). And each day is still entertaining and fun. Not like the other editions where you get one hour a week.

It is quite tedious tuning in everyday, but if you can wait until Sunday, then you can watch the marathon episode. I suppose they had to fit in a lot of challenges per leg, just to stretch it out over 6 days a week. And a lot of interview portions, which helps us relate to them… and will help their future showbiz careers.

Who do I think will make it far?

Let’s start with those who I think won’t make it to the end (one pair has already been eliminated):

1. Crystel and Mykey. Well, obviously. They are already out.

2. Pamela and Vanessa. The so-called rich housewives from Alabang. I am really sorry, but I guess I have the “rich Alabang housewife” type in my mind, and they don’t fit in it. 😉 They won’t make it far. They are interesting to watch, but have no brains nor brawn for this type of race.

3. Ed and Angel. The father and daughter. Already Ed had a near health scare. And with the challenges being physical, he won’t be able to keep up.

4. Dani and Mish. The episode tonight showed cracks in their relationship… why would you eat 70 pieces of longanisa if you are vegetarians? And when the partnership doesn’t work, you have no chance of winning.

5. Sheena and Gee. I don’t have the “I want to win this” feel from them. They may make it far, but they won’t take the prize.

6. Fausto and Dayal. I like this pair, but they don’t seem to be concentrated on the race. They make a lot of mistakes, even simple ones.

And the rest, well, I think they all have good chances of making it to the final 5: Anton and Armand because they are physically strong. LJ and CJ because they know the game. Boom and Cheng because I think they’ll do anything to move forward. Saida and Jervi because they are so funny! And they are proving to be strong players. And the front of the pack belongs to Marc and Kat. The others need to see that they are the team to beat.

It’s a good show, for sure. Derek Ramsay just needs to loosen up. Did he watch Phil Koeghan at all? He needs that charisma.

Speaking of Phil, the Amazing Race 21 is pretty good too. Here are my fave teams:

1. Trey and Lexi: They are young and just need a push to make it forward.

2. James and Jaymes: Good TV, and they have heart.

3. Natalie and Nadiya: Annoying TV, but strong!

Hope they make it to the final 3!


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