Survivor Philippines (Season 25) Episode 7: Dang Rayne!

I did not expect that. I thought that the Tandang tribe would stick together and vote of Penner. He would use his idol and his vote for Jeff would count.

Well, it’s Survivor. If tribes stuck together even after the merge, that would be a miracle. Human nature just begs otherwise. Get rid of the people you are annoyed with, even before you know you have the numbers to last until the end. Makes good TV!

The merge happened and the tribe name is now Dangrayne (Dang rain). I thought it would be a Tagalog word, but they are trying to be cute, I guess. No significance except that it has been raining on them nonstop. Filming must have been in June.

There were three hidden idols (Penner, Malcolm and Pete have them). And the challenge gave one each more to Denise and Carter. 5 idols? That doesn’t leave much to choose from.

Pete, Abi and Artis targeted RC and Penner. And the original Kalabaw and Matsing sided with them. Penner used his idol, and obviously, the castaway voted off was:


Again, you can’t ask a tribe to stick together even if they made it to the merge solid. It would have been genius gameplay if they did, but it would be boring TV. So who is next? Here is my ranking of the remaining players.

1. Pete. He is in control. He controls Abi and Artis. Who is turn allied with Lisa. Who is with Malcolm and Denise. And they are bringing along Jeff and Carter.

2-3. Abi and Artis. They are Pete’s right and left hands. Though Artis looks iffy. He looks like a Phillip.

4. Lisa. She is coat-tailing with the above three. And has an alliance with Skupin. And one with Malcolm and Denise too. She is safe next week.

5-6. Malcolm and Denise. They are the swing votes. Even if they are strong, they are likable, and so aren’t targeted yet. Wait a few more challenges when people start noticing they are actually winning everything. Malcolm seems really likable, I heard they brought him back for the next season.

7-8. Jeff and Carter. They are in an alliance of two. And they just sided with Pete. But of course, they will be used just as long as their votes are needed. They need to make big moves to make it farther in the game.

9. Skupin. It looks bad for the returnees. Skupin was with RC. And with RC gone, it is a wake up call for him. He needs to play HARD. Get Lisa, and maybe the Kalabaw originals and go for the game. Or else, win as much as he can!

10. Penner. He got the most votes from tribal council, but since he used his idol, he got saved. Now unless he wins immunity, he is toast. This would make him 10th place. The lowest he finished was 15th when he was med evac’d. And 7th during Cook Islands.


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