Survivor Philippines (Season 25) Episode 6: No Rice = Bad Decision

What’s up with all the deal making lately on Survivor?

Well, it has happened before with people promising each other things, and people usually honor their commitments, but sometimes – it makes good TV – when they don’t. One particular deal stands out. During a challenge in Palau between Tom, Katie and Ian, Ian deliberately lost as a sign of friendship with Katie. And that made him lose the entire game. I wonder if they are friends until now?

This time, Kalabaw convinced Tandang to give up the reward in exchange for their rice. Which is insane. Instant gratification versus having rice that will help you in the long run. Of course they got letters from home too, but the fast edit of that part just shows that it didn’t make a lasting impact on the show.

And it didn’t. The loss of rice and the inability to fish just made Kalabaw lose. Again. Tandang has not lost a single Immunity Challenge. And has not lost a single member. They now hold the distinction of never have gone to a Tribal Council as a Tribe.

Kalabaw went, and they voted out…


Now, Penner and company are not thinking straight. Maybe the lack of rice? They think Denise will stay with them when they merge. How can they even think that? She’ll go to Malcolm in a second. He has the numbers and the stronger alliance.

They will enter the merge with a three-person alliance versus a strong tribe of 6 (going on 8). I know Tandang has internal issues, but they’ll stick together long enough to vote off the rest. Much like what happened with the Top 5 girls of Survivor One World.

The merge is next. And Denise will flip. The Tandang 6 + 2 will go after the Kalabaw 3. Penner would be the obvious target, but they’ll split the votes between him and Jeff just to flush out the idol. Jeff will go home next.

If they just kept Katie, they would have gotten to the merge with a strong 4. And maybe convince RC and Skupin somehow to move to them…. or maybe they would still get picked off one by one. Let’s see Tandang stick together.


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