Survivor Philippines (Season 25) Episode 5: The Biggest Mistake

A break for Matsing! They were dissolved. 🙂 Malcolm went to Tandang, which made them stronger. And Denise went to Kalabaw, which would have made the women alliance there stronger. Malcolm gave Tandang the win for the reward challenge, and immediately he was taken in to the Pete-Abi-Lisa-Artis alliance. But that remains to be seen since Mike-Lisa-Artis-RC also have an alliance.

What happened next was just like quitting.

Dana had a medical emergency, but the doctors said she could stay 12 more hours and have a chance to keep playing. But she just gave up and decided to leave the game.

It is one thing to have been forced to leave the game, like the three returnees. They had no choice. The doctor pulled them out. But Dana, she still had a chance to stay, and she quit. I don’t think she qualifies as a med evac. She should be labelled a quitter.

That just dampened Kalabaw, and going into the challenge with spirits dampened, it is hard to win. And they didn’t. They lost.

Tandang again won, though it was a close fight. Kalabaw lost and went to Tribal. Now here is the biggest mistake: they didn’t figure out that the game usually merges at 12! With 6 Tandang, 2 former Matsing and 5 Kalabaw, the original Kalabaw should have just stuck together. You can’t go into a merge limping.

But they didn’t. The three men decided to get Denise, and Katie was too guilty that she betrayed her alliance with Dawson.

And so Dawson went home. Blindsided. She was so blindsided that she didn’t know what to do. She ended up hugging Jeff Probst. That must have been awkward.

The next episode blurb shows two tribes battling it out. It may be for reward, since they brought that back. And then for immunity, they merge. Or, since they probably had one more challenge for two tribes prepared (not expecting a quitter), the eliminated one would go straight to the jury, and then the merge.

I think Tandang is unstoppable at this point. They will be the only Tribe in Survivor history to have not gone to Tribal Council as a tribe. The next time they will go is as individuals. In Palau, Koror would have been that tribe except there was a double tribal council. Now will they stick together until final 6? That’s the question.

Kalabaw will go to tribal council, the alliance of four will stick together and send Katie to the jury.

Now, will that change if there is a merge? Yes, definitely. The Tandang 6 + Malcolm will target a strong male, and Denise will probably switch over to where Malcolm is. Jeff Kent would be the most obvious target.


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