Survivor Philippines (Season 25) Episode 4: It can’t get any worse, can it?

Does it always rain that much in the Philippines?

Yes, well, half the year. We only have two seasons: Wet and Dry. 😉

Matsing is on a downward spiral. It’s hard when Russell is acting all bossy and reacts TOO much. It alienates the other 2, and makes him such a big target. And with three people left, you need to have a lot of reasons for at least one other person to pick you to move forward, when you lose.

Kalabaw shows that the men have changed alliances and are now against the women. In Tandang, Pete is making all sorts of havoc. Just like Hantz. I bet he’s the one returning for Season 26. He will be doing a LOT more, for sure. I don’t think Tandang will be losing before the merge, so we will just keep seeing Abi-Marie and RC go at it and come to a point where they will no longer be speaking to one another. Bad for RC, bad for Skupin, good for everyone else (wait, has Artis said ANYTHING yet?).

The challenge was epic. Matsing was AHEAD. Tandang took the lead. Tandang won. Matsing was STILL ahead of Kalabaw. And Malcolm just missed the last pot too many times, and Kalabaw won too. Heartbreaking for Matsing. But the downward spiral was too much to recover from this week. There was no question who would be going home.


I didn’t like him in his season. And I really didn’t agree to have him come back. Maybe Colton would have been a better call. And more entertaining (though Colton will probably be on Season 26 too).

Now Denise and Malcolm are left. I don’t think they could clamber up a win… but miracles happen. I think they’ll be safe next week. Tandang will be safe, they are too strong despite their internal issues. Kalabaw might be sending someone home, and from the “next episode” blurb, it seems like a Medical Evacuation. Jeff Kent? Maybe not, they would have given that away. Probably someone else? Can’t guess when it comes to med evacs. But it is interesting that they would have a med evac in a season that brought back players who were med evac’d. 🙂

My guess would be a girl.


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