Survivor Philippines (Season 25) Episode 3: The Monkey Tribe

Well, what do you expect from being on a tribe named MONKEY? Matsing is Tagalog for monkey, and true enough, they are monkeying around and falling off trees.

Looking at the composition of the tribes, the men of Matsing were weaker with Zane than the other two who had three strong men each. With the women, Matsing is weaker with Angie than the other two tribes as well. So it begs the question, was this tribe rigged to fail from the beginning? Or did they hope the tribe would be the David against two Goliaths?

I think they needed drama, or a way to make sure Skupin and Penner made it far (Probst calls them Skupin and Penner, while he calls Russell, well Russell, and not Swan. He called Rob – Mariano. His favorites?).

But, yes, Matisng lost again. Three in a row! There have only been a handful of seasons where original tribes lost 3 times in a row. Is there hope for them to bounce back? Here’s who was voted off:


I thought her alliance with Malcolm would hold, but when you lose three in a row, you just want to win. And so Dana and Malcolm kept Russell over Angie. If they lose again, Russell will be going home. I hope they don’t, though.

Tandag wasn’t in the “Next Episode” blurb and that signals that they may be the ones who aren’t safe next episode. But considering how strong they are, I think they will make it to immunity. If Kalabaw doesn’t make it, Penner will be smart and will see right through Jeff and vote him off.

If Matsing loses again, what will happen to the two remaining? Will they be transferred? Or compete until they are all gone like what happened in Guatemala? I think they will lose again. Hard to turn around at this point. And Russell will go home.


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  1. Hello there! Xavyniceday I’m searching for the replay of this episode and found your blog instead. I’m sure I’ve heard this name alright and confirmed! We are both taking class at Don Bosco Center of Studies, you from Thursday group with Pidyey and Pat while I am on saturday group =) Nice to visit your blog!

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