Survivor Philippines (Season 25) Episode 2: Of Cookies and Booby Traps

First off, are Carter, Artis and Peter mute? They haven’t said a word since the show started. No character development… nothing! Either they were sooo boring that they contributed nothing to the show, or they made it really far and don’t need to be developed just yet.

It was another good episode (aside from characters not being featured at all!). Penner found the immunity idol, and that keeps him safe especially since his tribe is against him… which he himself is pushing because he doesn’t hang out with them and just keeps to himself. Now that he is safe, he will obviously go after the ring leader of the rest (if they lose).

Tandang is strong. Though RC and Abi-Marie had an early argument – which is nuts because they haven’t lost any challenges! That Brazilian girl is going to go insane. And that may split up their early alliance. Though Lisa is making it seem very tempting to vote her off because she goes off on her own too much.

Matsing lost again. And the person voted off was:


Unfortunately Malcolm and Angie have a solid alliance. Even Angie’s answer of “COOKIES” to Jeff asking what she would do if she could do something different, wasn’t enough to have her voted off. Roxy called her “booby trap” of Malcolm out, but how can you beat Cookies and well, those.

Matsing is on a downward spiral. And if they lose again, Russell will be going home. Malcolm and Angie will stick together, and Dana will stick with them just to save herself. I don’t think Tandang will be losing anytime soon. I believe their tribe will become a solid 6 alliance. Kalabaw, on the other hand, may lose (though I doubt that, too) and Penner will use his idol and vote off Jeff Kent. And that will make him the strongest.


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