Survivor Philippines (Season 25), Episode 1!

Ok, I have to be honest. I skipped my second class today (I am taking my Masters) so I could make it home for this. It’s the first episode! I’ll catch the replays for the succeeding ones. Promise.

Just like most Seasons where you have returning players, this one focused a LOT on Skupin, Penner and Russell. And had some face time for Lisa (Blair) and Jeff (Baseball guy) as well. And how people know who they really are. You won’t get much screen time from the others yet since there are still too many of them. But from whom they are showing, you can more or less see who will be highlighted soon (so they will leave soon too).

Jeff Probst saying call-a-bow, tahn-dahng and mhat-sing is classic! I wonder now how all past Tribe Names should really sound. Ha ha. And yes, the Philippines is just so beautiful. All the islands. Not just in Caramoan.

So who went home?

Zane. He tried to do a Hantz and play dirty. But with Hantz, at least, you got someone who could do the work and win challenges as well. With Zane, you didn’t get that. He was the weakest one. And the weakest one really should go early. Did this endear Russell to his tribe? Probably not. He is still on the chopping block there – especially with the other 4 in an alliance with each other.

Penner is on the chopping block as well. But he is playing to win, and playing for himself. I don’t doubt he’ll find the Idol and the tribe will be flipped on it’s head. If Jeff’s injury is noticed, he’ll be gone. If not, well, we didn’t see much of the others to make an assessment. Maybe the tattooed Dana.

Skupin is the only safe one! He will go far. His alliance of 4 is solid. They have 2 on the outs to get rid of, just in case. I just think he’ll maybe mess that up if he helps Lisa out. Though I don’t see them losing any challenges soon. They may enter the merge complete and go all the way to the end. That would be a first!

I hope they feature the other castaways too. And not make it like the Rob and Hantz show a few seasons ago. I wonder who from here went back for Season 26. The rumor is that someone made such an impact, they brought him back for the All-Star.



One comment

  1. This premiere was everything I expected it to be.. and more! I think that this season has a great mix of the funny, interesting and competitive players. But my standout faves for now, it would have to be Malcolm and Denise. I hope they can bond together and bring that alliance into the end. But it’s too early to tell with just one episode in, I expect more shakeups in the future.

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