What Channel will Survivor Philippines Show in the Philippines?

This has been the perennial problem of us Survivor … umm… fans (addicts, more likely). It used to get shown on Studio 23 for YEARS and YEARS. And then, maybe two years ago, it was dropped. And no other channel picked it up. Jack TV had is for a while, but if you didn’t have that channel, then you couldn’t watch it. We had to resort to those secret YouTube channels which illicitly uploaded whole episodes a few hours after the US aired it.

But now, it’s back! After they also cramped Survivor One World in a few weeks (months after it really aired), GMA News TV will be airing Survivor Philippines! Yay!

It will be every Thursday at 2 PM with replays on Friday at 10PM. How will I watch every Thursday at 2?! I need to get a TV Show recorder thing – we don’t yet have TiVo here, right?

Take a look at the promo here (links to FB).


One comment

  1. Hi, if you have cable then they have 2pm via satellite telecast on JackTV and primetime telecast on Thursday at 9PM. I heard there is a replay on Friday 10PM at GMA News TV πŸ™‚ Enjoy this season!

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