“‘Survivor’: Where are all the women?” Why even ask?

I caught this on the internet. Jeff Probst (Survivor host) explaining why more men are brought back from previous seasons than women.

First, is it true? Here are those who have been back from previous seasons (including the all-stars ones, because why would you exclude it?)

– All stars had 9 women and 9 men come back.

– Guatemala had one each (Stephenie and Bobby Jon).

– Fans versus Favorites had 5 women and 5 men come back.

– Heroes vs Villains had 10 women and 10 men come back.

And then the change happened. Ever since then, they’ve only had men come back on the show: Redemption Island, South Pacific and now Philippines.

I wouldn’t say women are weaker, because every time they had women come back, a woman won: Amber for All Stars, Danni (though not a returnee) for Guatemela [and Stephenie was second], Fans vs Favorites had Parvati, and Heroes vs Villains had Sandra (the only two time winner).

The men they have brought back – Ozzy, Rob, Russell, Coach – are definitely interesting and have fan bases who follow them. And are talented – Ozzy the islander, Rob the manipulator, Russell the evil and Coach the crazy. And even the three now are somewhat characters as well: Jonathan the opinionated, Skupin – well, just for the chance to play after being literally burned, and Russell … the opinion is still out on him actually. I think he’s a mistake.

But there are equally interesting women who we’d like to see attack the island again (not counting those who have been on again since their original season):

1. Kelly from Season 1! Why not? She won almost everything, and after 10 years it would be interesting to see how’d she play it again (maybe a season with everyone from season 1? Ha ha).

2. Heidi (of Jenna and Heidi of the Amazon)

3. Peih Gee of China!

4. Crystal of Gabon (though only if Kenny comes too).

5. Taj!

6. Shambo!

7-8. Holly and Brenda

9. Dawn!

And the top 6 girls of One World! Even Monica.

They would all make interesting returnees. I know though that Survivor 26 is an all-star cast so many of those mentioned will be playing there. But will there ever be a season which features just one or two returnees who are women?

I have to say that it could work out. If the women coming in were more like Stephenie who is a leader, take-charge and strong. As opposed to a model-looking type of girl – especially if all the other women in that season were just like her (which is usually the case). In other words, women coming back would work if the women were like men.

True, Jeff. Get more real women in the show. Stop giving us models and beauty queens. Though watching them break down is interesting.


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