Survivor 25 (and 26) in the Philippines!

The internet is all a-buzz about Survivor USA going to the Philippines, finally! Other versions of the show (including the Philippines’ version itself) have been to the Philippines, so it’s about time the USA one went here too.

And now the buzz is the 25th season is all about second chances. Those people who were on the show before, but because of a twist or something, they didn’t make it far. Just like the Amazing Race one. Who would be good on the show?

1. Michael of Australia. He was a strong player, but fell into the fire and was evacuated. Who knows how far he could have gone? Or if he can actually cook rice?

2. Silas of Kenya. He got burned by a Tribal Swap where the young ones were outnumbered by the older ones. And he got eliminated.

3. Shii Ann of Thailand. She thought it was a merge, but it really just was two tribes living in one beach. For one episode. She got burned there. Though she already came back for All Stars.

4. Andrew of Pearl Islands. Two former castaways came back after being eliminated. And so that threw his game off.

5/6. Coby of Palau and Colton of One World. Just so we can see these two go head to head. Though Colton, I think, is a sure thing. He made too much of an impact.

7. Bruce of Exile Island. He was a good player, but had health issues as well.

8/9. Kenny and Crystal of Gabon. Bring back the weirdest “evil” team up ever.

10-13. Holly, Benry, Brenda and Marty of Nicaragua. They made good TV. And would make good TV again.

14-17. Brandon, Cochran, Dawn and Jim of South Pacific. Also good characters just overshadowed by Ozzy. But they would make good TV again.

18. See who else from One World (aside from Colton) will make an impact. Maybe Alicia?

Jeff is probably in the Philippines filming already (they have to fil earlier now because he has an upcoming talk show). So we should get more spoilers soon.

As for One World, it is merge time!

The women’s (except Christina) alliance is solid. Especially with some of them aligning with Jay, Troyzan and Michael. Leif, Jonas and Christina look like they are on the outs. And Tarzan is anyone’s guess. If Alicia goes after Christina, her alliance will go with her just for the first vote. But if they are thinking clearly, they should go for the strong guys first. I think Christina will be safe… ok hoping is more like it. Jonas might actually go first.


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