Survivor: One World out the window

So what happened? Why did they throw the whole concept of One World out the window? They mixed the tribes and then put them on separate beaches. If they follow the previous season, they would merge only after 2 more votes (inc. tonight’s vote). So why change it up at all? The dynamic of inter-tribe alliances was there since they lived with each other. They should’ve just run with it all the way. And at the merge, then it would be One World, literally.

At the Manono tribe, Colton is king. He must be after the title of worst Survivor villain. And he has my vote. None of them would be friends with him after watching all this – even if it is just a game. He controls the boys – Jonas, Leif and Tarzan. And he controls Alicia. He’ll take out Christina next.

Over at Salani, the 4 girls have an strong alliance. With Kim and Chelsea being the solid 2. They could make it all the way to the end. If they lose next, which I doubt, one of the stronger guys will go.

If merge happens after Christina goes home, Colton goes in with Leif, Jonas, Alicia and Tarzan. And Alicia can bring in the other 4 girls. So the three strong guys will be easy pickings. Though if they play it that way, it is giving Colton the million dollars. They should make a move at the merge. But until then, this is Survivor: Colton.


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