American Idol 2012 (Season 11)’s Top 13!

Still thinking if I want to watch this series, but two of the people I like made it. The 2 Asians, of course!

Hollie Cavanagh

Phillip Phillips

Jessica Sanchez (in it to win it!)

Joshua Ledet

Heejun Han (he’s funny, but might not make it far… when singing gets serious)

Shannon Magraine (think of all the jokes when she gets eliminated)

Skylar Laine

Elise Testone

Colton Dixon

Jermaine Jones (he won’t win. can’t do much with a low voice)

Let’s see who the other 3 will be after the Wild Card stuff is done. I liked the old way better though. When 2 singers got into the top 10 every week. Not this everyone out right away way.

Now the other 3 are:

Jeremy Rosado

Deandre Brackensick

Erika van Pelt

Good luck!


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