Survivor One World: Colton vs Matt

Survivor One World just got interesting (if you haven’t watched it, don’t read this. Watch it now – 4pm- on Jack TV. Or the replay tonight at 9pm).

The women won both reward and immunity. Mainly because the challenges were mental and not physical. The producers of the show probably wanted them to win at least for one episode. So with the men going to Tribal, they just had to turn on each other. Now Matt and Colton both have the same game play, in a way. They both want to lead, and are both arrogant about it.

Matt got his group of 4 on the first day. And he started barking orders around. He even called his group the roosters, while everyone else were common folk. Colton, on the other hand, was an outcast. He even went to the women’s tribe. But getting an Immunity Idol changed his game. He banded with the misfits and turned them against the muscles.

Now why would Matt be so arrogant when he knew he only had a solid 4? Maybe he thought he could swing one of the others… but the way they treated them, it was inevitable that the other 5 join together.

Colton now has his 5 and an immunity idol. But will his Matt-like attitude (overbearing and arrogant) hurt him? The other 2 (or 3?) muscles voted with them in ousting Matt, so they will definitely be playing to get into their alliance.

If the men lose again, Colton will go for Bill. And with Bill’s face time getting more, he can be a big possibility to be voted off. If the women lose, the younger girls alliance is still pretty much strong, so Christine will be on the chopping block.

If things go as they seem now (which is never the case), you’ll have a merged tribe of 5 outcast and 5 younger women (if they go in equal). My advice would be to vote off Colton before that happens because he will switch for sure.


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