Survivor One World: Wrist-y Business

Survivor One World has finally started! The place I usually watch it seems to be offline (dcdice, come back!) but I got to search another website that shows it. It takes a bit of time buffering it, but worth the wait.

So the twist this time is that both tribes (men vs women) are staying on the same beach. And the Hidden Idols belong to a particular tribe. Of course, with two tribes living together the “human” thing to do would be to help each other out and just compete during the challenges. Come on. That won’t happen.

So I don’t get why the women are complaining about the men not helping them out. On any other season it would be a battle to see who wins and who doesn’t. That’s it. That’s how the game is played. Each tribe looks for fire. Each tribe looks for food. And then you compete and try to win.

THOUGH now, you can conspire and make alliances across tribes right away. But of course, you may alienate everyone else. Colton has the upper hand now. He has made friends with the women, and he has an Idol given to him by a woman. It’s his to make it all the way to the merge, at least.

The alliances are showing already. The strong women and the strong women have allied (separately). The older women and the older women need to get their act together. The men are definitely stronger. And looks like they’ll win again next week. And with the Asian girl against one of the strong women alliance, it looks like she’s next.

Oh Kourtney left the game due to an injury. I think that’s a first as well. What a bad way to leave the game.


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