I Suck at Predicting Reality Shows

Wow aside from the Apolaki Billboard Spoilers, I suck at predicting who is going to be voted off. Ha ha. I should just stick to watching the shows instead of trying to figure out who is going next.

KC is saying he got cheated because the jury was speaking to the castaways. I think he MAY have a point, but at the end of the day, the top 3 wouldn’t have made it all the way there if they didn’t have game play of their own. At the end, Mara and Stef had to decide who it would be better for them to lose to – KC or Betong?

Stef and Mara keep saying that if they don’t win they want someone deserving to win. I think that’s wrong gameplay. Because if you make it that far, then you deserve it. Not just because you need the money. If you want to give it to who needs the money the most then you should have put all of those players at the end. Survivor is about, well, surviving.

Betong has Maey, Chuckie and Albert for sure. And even with Betong voting against him, KC will probably still vote for him over Mara and Stef.

Mara has Arnold, maybe John.

Gino should have Stef, but he dropped her as a partner on Day 1, so we shall see. But, then again, it doesn’t really matter. This is Betong’s to lose.


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