The Final 4

I haven’t been watching Survivor because of work, but it is developing interestingly enough. A good final 4, all from different alliances and ways of playing. Totally different from who I predicted would be in there.

It is interesting though that the original Apolaki Billboard showed the final 5 challenge. They should have had better editors. We knew that Mara made it all the way to 5.

Now, what are their chances? The good thing about this season was that it was unpredictable. People shifted from one alliance to another, blindsided people and just played the game. The interesting thing was it looked like they just played from Tribal Council to Tribal Council. No one really had a grand plan. Or those that did, were ousted early on by the others who were just going day by day. There were no Rob Marianos in this season.

So who is going to win?

If Betong makes it to the final 3, it is his to lose. He has Chuckie, Arthur and Maey for sure. And he has the sympathy, “I am a nice guy and I need the money” vote.

If he doesn’t make it, then it becomes even more interesting. Arnold has loyalty to Mara (I wonder how he feels about her after watching her obsession with him on TV). Gino and John are with KC. Maey and Betong can go either Stef or KC… maybe KC because he gave Maey a car. And that would make KC win.

I see KC winning this.


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