Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles FINAL 4: Strategy vs Loyalty

I LOVED the shock on Gino’s face. Blindsides are awesome! Bye Gino.

Now we can predict the final 4 of Survivor Philippines Season 4.

Mara and Arnold did an awesome move by being honest with Maey and Betong. All Maey and Betong saw with KC and Gino was plotting and scheming. And seeing them vote off John scared them. They needed trust. And they saw that in Arnold and Mara.

Gino voted off today. KC will be next. And Stef after KC. If either Arnold or Mara want to win, they need to sacrifice one place in the finals. They only have a chance to win if they bring BOTH Betong and Maey to the end. So the Jury votes will be split, and they can still win.

I am for Arnold. He really deserves the win. And with the past winners, we see that the deserving one (and the nice one) actually wins.


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