Faux Reality (January 10): John Voted Off

I didn’t get to watch Survivor last night, we had Household here at home. I only got to see it this morning. But what a shocker! It was wishful thinking that they’d go after Betong and Maey before they turned on each other. That never happened, except for Survivor South Pacific where the original tribe stayed intact. People start thinking of better ways to make it to the end.

Now, Arnold knows that everyone is against him. It is only him and Mara versus everyone else. Betong and Maey are actually a strong pair. They won’t win challenges, everyone likes them, and they are swing votes. They can really play to end up at the finals. They just need to step up their game instead of just going with the flow. Though if one of them really wants to win, it should be EITHER Betong or Maey in the finals. They can’t both be there.

Arnold and Mara are solid. Arnold wins challenges and Mara has an immunity bracelet. KC and Gino are using each other. Gino is so wishy-washy, he’ll switch alliances at the drop of a hat. Stef, Betong and Maey are solidly “Tala”. Stef was too burned by Bulan that she won’t be loyal to them, the others should recognize that.

5 vs 2. If Arnold doesn’t win, he and Mara will have to play right to stay in the game. But KC and co. are good players too, they can tie it up. If by luck, Arnold and Mara get to be safe, they can go after KC and Gino by drafting Betong and Maey to go with them.

I’d say that Arnold and Mara are safe. And they’ll take revenge for John by voting off KC.

Bye KC.


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