Faux Reality (January 5): Everyone vs. Arnold

I am a fan of Arnold on Survivor Philippines. He’s a strong player and a nice guy (as portrayed). But, it is true that if they don’t vote him out soon, he’ll make it to the end. Sad that his partner dropped him like a hot potato. I wonder how they are now?

From the Apolaki billboard, Maey, Mara, Gino and Betong are safe because they are shown in challenges not yet done. Maey on a ramp, Gino in the mud, Mara tying a rope and Betong balancing plates.

So that leaves Stef, KC, Arnold and John as not safe. If Arnold wins immunity tonight, it definitely will be Stef going home. If he doesn’t. Arnold will sadly be going home (well, not home, the jury house). Let me put my bet on Stef.

From John’s interviews it seems that Arnold will find out John isn’t aligned with him sometime during the game.

And talking about the interviews, why do they have to make the Survivors explain everything that is happening? We can actually watch it, you know. Hayzt.

Bye Stef.


One comment

  1. Stef still has a challenge to do, that’s when she raised her both hands and KC was at her left side. I think John will be the next to go. It’s sad, the four boys should have stick together, but John, and KC wanted to bring Arnold down soon 😦 … they should have ripped off the Tala.. and the 4 strong Bulan boys should compete for the top 3. there had been series of decisions there.

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