Faux Reality (December 31): Why is Survivor moving so slow?

This week, nothing happened on Survivor Philippines. Every episode was dragged out and stretched. Their “Susunod” showed everything so you didn’t have to actually watch after the commercials. And there was nothing of consequence shown. Why are they stretching it? Is it because they have to make each three days last a week? Or because it is the end of the year? Whatever reason they have, this is the Survivor time where you are better off reading about it than actually watching it.

Anyway, from the Billboard spoilers, we know that Gino, Mara, Betong, Arnold, John and Maey are not going home. And with Arnold, Mara (Immunity Bracelet), KC, Betong and Stef with immunity, it is obvious that Arthur is going home (jury house).

Gino, KC and John are in a somewhat solid alliance. Stef, Betong and Maey are in an alliance. Arnold and Mara are clueless but they are winning everything, so it is ok. Arnold and Mara need to position themselves as the swing votes, or they need to figure out what is going on and align themselves right away. Though I think John won’t turn on Arnold (unless the recent Twitter war between Mara and John was an indication of how things went – maybe she found out John turned on her and Arnold).

And what is up with everyone ganging up on Arnold for being ungentlemanly? It’s a game! And he wants to win. Why should he allow Mara to win just because she is a girl? That’s ridiculous.

Good bye Arthur. And if it is a double elimination, expect KC to go home too.


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