Survivor Philippines Apolaki Billboard Spoilers

With US reality shows, the state of spoiling them is an art. People look through Facebook, Twitter, sightings, weight loss, etc etc. And even next episode billboards. Now the new opening billboard of Survivor Philippines is out. And we can see some spoilers as well. Just look at the challenges featured, and you’ll see who stays longer than the others. Some screen grabs:

Arnold and Maey in a challenge that delas with bags and running. It wasn’t the one this week, so Maey won’t be going home this week.

Arnold and Gino in a “sword” holding challenge. Arnold has this in the bag. This is probably later in the game. Looks tough.

Arthur in a rope challenge. Good news for his fans, he isn’t going home this week.

Betong in a stacking challenge. This is also something later in the game, I think. He is safe this week.

So with Maey, Betong and Arthur safe, we can conclude that Chuckie will be going home this week. Maybe they feel his vertigo will get worse.

KC, Chuckie and Stef had no challenge grabs aside from the challenge this week.

More screen grabs:

Gino in a mud challenge. From interviews, you can see Arnold and Betong in muddy clothes (when the current show shows their shirts clean). So they probably made it to this challenge too.

John and some others in a basket challenge. Are those Maey and Betong in the back?

Maey in a climbing challenge. She makes it far. maybe the last original Tala?

Mara in a rope challenge.

And Mara in an endurance challenge. I feel this is the final challenge. So Mara makes it to Final 4.

🙂 Bye Chuckie!



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