Faux Reality: Survivor South Pacific: The End. It was Coach’s Game to Lose

This was Ozzy’s game to win. He beat Brandon in the last Redemption Island duel. He came back into the game and won Immunity – sending Rick home. And he would have won again, but was beat by Sophie. And they sent him packing.

Now, if Coach really wanted a battle, he would have kept Ozzy around. But at the end of the day, he wanted to win. And on a “platform” of integrity, you can’t win with that. Good thing he was honest in answering Ozzy’s question.

But this is Coach’s to lose. He is a returning player, and he played it well. He made an alliance off the bat, kept it strong, and stayed to the end. Which is amazing! And stupid, because didn’t they watch the season with Boston Rob? He made it to the end and he won.

Albert can’t answer questions for the life of him. How can he be a dating coach? Unless he teaches them not to tell the truth.

It was Coach’s to lose, and he lost. I feel that Upolu (plus Cochran) voted for him (4 – Cochran, Rick, Brandon, Edna). But Savaii stayed together as a tribe to the end and voted for Sophie (Dawn, Keith, Whitney, Jim, Ozzy). You lost, Coach. How did that happen? Did Sophie win because it was an anybody-but-you vote?

I think Sophie won when she cried at Tribal. Coach, et al, should have picked up on that. You can’t win against a crying woman, unless you are a woman yourself.

Congrats Sophie!


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