Faux Reality (December 15): Survivor: Awesome Game Play and Stupid Game Play Today

Let’s start with the BAD NEWS. In Survivor South Pacific, Ozzy is still dominating Redemption Island. Brandon won the Immunity Necklace, but in one of the WORST MOVES EVER, he gives it to Arnold. Arnold was set to be voted off after his two-timing game play was outed. Even Brandon went off on him. But Brandon prayed and decided to save Arnold. Too bad Coach decided to vote him off with Rick and Sophie. Brandon, oh Brandon. Russell and your dad must be p*ed off right now. Brandon has no chance against Ozzy. Ozzy gets back in it, but if he loses immunity, he gets voted off right away again. The final 3 looks like Coach, Sophie and Arnold. And it would be Coach’s win on a silver platter. What’s up with these new players? Don’t they know if a returning player makes it to the end, they’ll win?! Well, except Stephenie in Guatemala.

Now the GREAT NEWS. Tala went to Tribal Council. Arnold had Carlo, Maey and Chuckie fooled that he would vote with them for Stef. At the end, Arnold made SUPERB GAME PLAY and gave his immunity bracelet to Stef. It was a Carlo – Stef tie, and Carlo was sent home. That really was the only way for Original Bulan. If they want to go far, they had to do that. And that was AWESOME, AWESOME GAME PLAY. I was waiting for a big move like that 🙂 Now Carlo’s “agimats” are gone with him.

If the past seasons are any indication, the MERGE is next. And Original Tala is TOAST. Ranking the final players:

1. Arnold – Arnold has the upper hand now. He has the loyalty of Stef and Mara. And he still has John – who is tight with KC and Gino.

2. John – Arnold and him are the only solid and strong partners left in the game! And any strong 2 partnership always makes it far. Don’t the others watch Survivor?

3. KC – Good player. Good strategist. He is keeping Original Bulan together.

4. Gino – He will stick with the alliance, though he seems to be talking a lot. That may bite him in the end. And his wanting Stef out will make complications.

5. Mara – Her friendship with the Volcanoes will keep her safe.

6. Stef – She is the lowest in Original Bulan. If I were her, I’d make a big move the first chance I can get. Maybe get Gino back as a partner (he has been trying to vote her off!), and align with the remaining Original Tala. Though that will still keep her at 6th… so scratch that.

7. Maey – The least threatening. If the merge happens, she can stay longer.

8. Betong – Also not threatening. Keep him around for funny moments.

9. Arthur – He will be a loose cannon now that he sees Carlo out. But his friendship with Gino may keep him longer.

10. Chuckie – He is the strongest Original Tala. He has to go right away.

Now I understand why the Tala tribe are so noisy on Twitter. Ever since the beginning of the season, they re-tweet non-stop and try to project something. Now we know. Because they have to show that they are solid, friends and played the game with integrity – to show that their losing wasn’t really losing.

But hello, this is Survivor. You signed up to play the game. So you should have played it well.

Good job Arnold. Both of you.


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  1. Did you watch Angelicopter on Startalk? I don’t know if it’s because I’m really looking for clues but I can see ‘regret’ on her face. Jackie Forster wan’t there and was only able to answer via phone patch, leaving Angelica by herself to answer the bullets! Jackie was honest enough to admit that she had other intentions why she played Survivor. That includes showing everyone how good a person she is (congratulations lol). Angelicopter, on the other hand, didn’t say why she joined in the first place. She would have realized by then that her excuse that she wants to prove to everyone that you can be nice in playing survivor does not hold water because it was already proven by Akihiro “Mr Nice Guy” last season.

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