Faux Reality (December 12): Ernie and Cindy! Go Over-Achieving Asians!

Amazing Race finished today. And, my team won! Ernie and Cindy! I am a sucker for over-achieving Asians, so it was good to see them cross the finish line first. Jeremy and Sandy lost it at Home Depot. Amani and Marcus lost it at the flight simulator. It was Ernie and Cindy all the way! Congratulations!


In Survivor Philippines, SHOCKER, Isabel got voted off (well, via tie-breaker challenge). Arthur and Betong will go next if Bulan loses again. Tala has to lose on purpose. And one of the Orig Bulan should pretend to switch to Tala if they ever hope to make numbers on merge. Maybe Stef. Then they vote for Carlo.


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