Faux Reality (December 7): Ranking the Remaining Players

In Survivor Philippines there was a Tribal Shuffle. And with a lot of Bracelets, Necklaces and Amulets in play, there is a definite order of players now. Here are who I think rank well in the game:

1. Carlo (Tala) – He has the Amulets which can give and take votes away from people. If he uses it right, he can take control of Tala. Especially if Stef doesn’t get back into the game. He may not even need to use it (if Stef is evacuated), because they are up on numbers.

2. Chuckie (Tala)  – He has the alliance of original Tala in new Tala. They are the three to beat now. They are up on numbers, and they can control the tribe. They don’t have the strength to beat Bulan, so they will probably lose both Immunity Challenges before the merge, but they’ll pick of the original Bulan for sure.

3. Maey (Tala)  – Even if she is weak, Carlo and Chuckie will string her along. Just for the numbers. Though when merge time comes, she’ll be one of the first to go.

4. John (Bulan) – He is in the strong tribe of Bulan, and I doubt they will be losing any challenges before the merge. He also has an Immunity Bracelet. So he is safe.

5. KC (Bulan) – Same as John, and even without the Bracelet, the three strong original Bulan (him, John and Gino) – if they remain solid – can go far.

6. Gino (Bulan) – Same as both above.

7. Betong (Bulan) – He will stay longer than Isabel or Arthur because he isn’t seen as a threat. He is not strong in challenges, and he will stay long because he doesn’t get much screen time yet.

8. Isabel (Bulan) – She is actually quite strong, and she also had a tiff with Bulan when the mud challenge happened. So she’ll go as soon as they get rid off their strongest new Bulan.

9. Arthur (Bulan) – He will go first if Bulan ever loses a challenge. He is strongest, and he has a strong alliance with Carlo. I doubt they’ll lose though.

10. Mara (Tala) – She’ll stay longer than Arnold, but won’t make the merge. She has the “Maribel” blood in her, and Tala will just be itching to get her off as soon as they can. She’ll create havoc first, though, for sure.

11. Arnold (Tala) – He could last longer, but he lost his Immunity Bracelet. I don’t think Stef is going back into the game because the closeness of Mara and Arnold on Twitter doesn’t include Stef. He and Mara will be voted off, but Arnold first.

12. Stef (Tala) – If she ever gets back in the game, she’ll be voted off first because she is now the weakest. With her back injury and with her snake bite. If she doesn’t get back in the game, her co-Bulan mates are toast.

In the Amazing Race, the surfers were eliminated. So it really is anyone’s game. I’m for Ernie and Cindy. They just need to be consistent and finish! Though all three pairs are inconsistent, and make lots of errors. And that’s what will make the finals fun to watch.


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