Faux Reality (December 2): Maria Isabel Lopez. Genius.


She used her Immunity Bracelet. And she flushed out Chuckie and Isabel’s Immunity Bracelets as well. Twitter is full of Chuckie and Isabel saying it was part of their plan, and that they didn’t need the bracelets. What? What short-sighted thinking. What happens when they lose again? What happens when they merge? You have less chances of making it far if you have less protection.

The truth is, Maribel is a great player. She understands the game. And she knew how to play the people in the game. And it worked. It’s a shame though that she had to go. She could have voted for Carlo and the other guy, but then that would have let the 2 Immunity Bracelets still be in play. She made a big sacrifice. We just have to wait and see if Mara is automatically voted off too.

Now, the question is, if Chuckie and Isabel knew that Maribel was going to vote for them, then why did others from their tribe vote for them as well? They could have all voted Maribel. And even with only Maribel voting for them, they would still have used their bracelets. So why did other people from their tribe vote for them too? Tala isn’t as solid as they think.

It’s a good show.


1 Comment

  1. they bluffed maribel into thinking that isabel passed the bracelet to carlo so maribel voted chuckie/isabel even though she had instructions to vote out carlo. sayang! pero you’re right. the others voted isabel/chuckie out. which means they are perceived as a threat? hmm

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