Faux Reality (November 29): More QUITTERS: Filo something and Ellen Adarna

5 quitters in just as many days. If Aifha and Alyssa had their way, they would have quit too. What is going on here? These celebrities are ruining the game. I don’t think Survivor has ever had this many quit in a season, and in such short days.

I bet Angelicopter, Jackie, Filo and Ellen feel stupid now. No one died, guys. And no one was in danger. See? They were even rescued from Pedring.

Ooooooh man. Sayang. What a waste of casting, TV time and just the whole Survivor experience. This show has been on for more than ten years, and people strive to be on it. Just because they were handpicked doesn’t mean they have the right to leave so easily. Annoying. Irritating. I am a Survivor fan, even addict. And these kinds of players don’t have the right to be called Survivors. We should forget they were ever even on.

That’s probably why Tala (on Twitter) are so “close” and “bonded”. Because they only spent 7 days together. And they have to pretend to defend each other, to lessen the impact of quitters on their team. But it just shows how their team wasn’t a team at all. The others allowed the 4 to quit. If they really cared, they would have stuck together. That’s being a team.

Oh well. That’s enough for now. Definitely Bulan has the upper hand emotionally now.


Oh and a tip for the Survivors who are attacking each other on Twitter…. it’s a game. And you have to do what you have to do. Just leave what happened in the game, in the game. You are all trying to jumpstart your careers, so it won’t help to have strewn bodies of former friends littered along the way.



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