Faux Reality (November 29): Jackie Forester and Angelicopter: QUITTERS


Survivor is not for quitters. What we watch on TV doesn’t translate to the realities of living on an island. How would we know how it really goes until we actually join? Richard is right when he said the Production Team won’t be swatting away flies and shooing away animals for them. They have to use common sense.

Angelicopter and Jackie kept saying they could finish the game if they wanted to, and that they are stronger than whatever is put in front of them…. what? Then they quit? They contradicted themselves. Words are easy, actions are a whole different story.

Maribel’s mind games worked. She pushed them to think they were at the short end of the stick. She played with their minds. And these two girls cracked. And they probably knew they were on their way out anyway. Now they leave Maribel, Chuckie and Isabel with immunity. If they lose again, who goes next? The logical target would be Betong and Maey. But with a tribe like this, I bet there will be another quitter soon.

That’s the problem with “celebrities”. They can’t handle the stress of real life. Even extreme real life. Well, last season had a good cast, they were chosen well. This season, I think they focused more on getting controversial celebrities, and maybe skipped some mental tests to see if they can handle it. Give us a normal season next, please.


As for the Amazing Race, Bill and Cathi were eliminated. Just one more leg before the finals. Amani and Marcus are toast.


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