Faux Reality (November 27): My favorite player is Maria Isabel Lopez

She is playing the game. Maybe not physically, but strategically and psychologically. Hats off to you! We found our very own Russell. Maybe even with a bit of Jonny Fairplay in there. I don’t think she’ll win, or even make it out of the second Tala Tribal Council. But she is awesome to watch. She wants her daughter to go far (what’s up with Mara going after John of the Volcanoes? Too obvious), and she is playing well – who else hides their Immunity Bracelet in their underwear?

Bulan is physically stronger, no doubt. And they have a 5-strong alliance – everyone except Stef. Funny how Gino isn’t on Stef’s side. I wonder if she dumped him before the show started? Tala is more united – though this Tribal will test them. They will have to split the votes between Maribel and another pair. Maribel will use her idol. And Chuckie and Isabel should use theirs too. They won’t risk voting off any guys, since the challenges are physical. So Angelicopter and Jackie will be the next to go.

After this, they’ll probably twist it and everyone will play individually.


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