Faux Reality (November 22)

Survivor Philippines is stretching their first Tribal Council too much. I guess they have to do it because Geneva Cruz quit right away. I feel for her. It was too emotionally draining to be with her ex-husband. And KC Montero wasn’t interested in re-kindling anything with her. It was too sad. Though it was a good show while it lasted. Maria Isabel Lopez wants to be the next to go, but with the Sexbomb dancers acting the way they are acting, it can be any one of the 3 of them. The rest (excluding Stef) seem to have a solid alliance.

In the Amazing Race, no ending yet, but Amani and Marcus are having a great rebound! They finally got their groove. Though I doubt if they will reach the end game.

Survivor South Pacific was sad. The whole Savaii tribe is now gone with Whitney and Dawn being voted off. Now the rest will have to start attacking each other. Coach will stick with Rick and Edna. Albert has Sophie. Cochran is a loose end. And Brandon… oh Brandon. Coach will have to go after Albert and Sophie if he ever plans to win. As for Redemption, Ozzy has his work cut out for him, because both Dawn and Whitney are strong and determined. I think he’ll pull it off, though.


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