Faux Reality (November 15)

It was a good week for the shows I follow. I liked it. Lots of excitement!

Survivor South Pacific. After they ousted Keith, it was really downhill for Ozzy’s original tribe. Cochran played them well. Though how can he think he’ll go farther with Coach’s 7… than 7th? Unless he hopes for them to start scrambling once they realize their place in the tribe. What Jim did to Sophie and Albert was good. He planted a seed in their minds that they won’t be going to the finals with Coach. Just a little too late. The double elimination episode (well, not double since it didn’t happen at the same time…) send Ozzy and Jim to battle it out with Keith. I think Ozzy has a big chance to win that. But does he have a chance to make it all the way back into the game? Ozzy will win the challenge; and even with the show trying to make us think there is a chance Coach’s tribe will fall apart, Whitney will be sent to Redemption.

Amazing Race. Finally no more non-elimination rounds. Laurence and Zac were sent home, which is ok with me because I didn’t like their team. They were too “feeling superior” since they already traveled the world. But, it didn’t count for much. With 5 teams left, Jeremy and Sandy will not be as lucky next time; and Amani and Marcus too. The final three will be Andy&Tommy, Ernie&Cindy and Bill&Cathi. I hope Bill and Cathi take it, they proved to be a good team!

Survivor Philippines. It started last night. And it looks like a good season. What do you expect when you put spoiled celebrities together on an island? They will explode. All their insecurities will come out for all of us to watch. I like that, but it is still more fun to have orfI put Geneva’s picture up there because I think she’ll be the first one to go. Nervous breakdown and public humiliation. She’ll quit by the end of this week. She’s this season’s Princess Snell.


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