Faux Reality (November 3)

I don’t get the Amazing Race now. It is the third non-elimination so early in the game. I expect there to be NO more non-elimination rounds. I have a feeling Andy & Tommy (because they are good racers) and Ernie & Cindy (because they still have the Express Pass) will make it to the end. Laurence & Zac and Justin & Jennifer are a toss-up. If the former can get their act together, and if the latter can stop bickering… they have a chance.

For Survivor, Cochran ruled the show. He had every right to switch his vote. He was treated badly on his own Tribe – but because he was the weakest link. Now they are probably regretting voting off Elyse when they did. Coach played his role splendidly, and Ozzy should have tried to find out who is on the outs on Coach’s Tribe. But again, too overconfident.

Will Jim be able to get Cochran voted off? If Cochran remains loyal to them, I doubt it. Cochran is the 7th in a solid 6. It will be Savaii slaughter. They’ll go after Ozzy and Jim – the strong ones, especially if it is a double-boot next.

Jeff did say it is a Double Boot



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