Survivor Philippines Twitter Spoilers

Survivor Philippines starts November 14! The cast looks interesting enough. The problem with the Philippines’ edition is that they let their cast go around and guest even before they get voted off. So you get clues on who stayed longer – those who are thinner and darker.

Now, they even released their Twitter accounts. So now we see who are actually friends.

Angelicopter and Ellen Adarna box together. They both are friends with Filo (Ellen’s BF), Jackie (Angelicopter’s tandem on the show) and John Dulio. Gino dela Pena looks like he wants in on their friendship – maybe guilty? Or maybe they started on the same Tribe.

KC said he lost 30 pounds in more than 11 days. Did he only last that long? Interesting tweet from him: “nice to see some of you are happyΒ @ellenmgadarna, @chuckiedreyfus, @marayokohama, @johnodulio, @ginodelapena, @isabelgranada21” – Did they all start on the same tribe, and voted him off?

Chuckie, Ellen and Bentong all benefitted from the Survivor diet. Bentong, most of all.Β 

Looks like there’s a barkada that formed from Survivor, as is usually the case. And it looks like: Gino, John, Arnold, Chuckie, Mara, Ellen, Angelicopter, Jackie and Betong. Could they be the jury? The final 9? Let’s see. πŸ™‚



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