Faux Reality (October 27)

What a week for Reality TV (my fave shows, at least). Amazing Race isn’t too interesting. Survivor Philippines is gearing up to be a show to watch. Survivor South Pacific… what happened?! Awesome.

Amazing Race already used up so many non-elimination legs. They had a double elimination, but I don’t think they expected to lose Ethan and Jenna so early. This week they lost the twins Liz and Marie (Liza Marie? Maybe their parents were fans of Elvis). But the remaining teams aren’t too interesting anymore. The leaders are like surfer dudes with no expressions. Zac the guy who sailed around the world, doesn’t speak. And the rest? Not too interesting. I am going to root for Ernie and Cindy. They are finishing near the top each leg, and they still have the express pass.

Survivor Philippines is having another Celebrity Edition. I actually like the regular people edition better. Though it is nice to see celebrities rough it up and be “normal”. They just might keep doing this, and leave out those normal people who can really play and put up a good show. I like the idea that Chuckie Dreyfuss and Isabel Granada are there! Haha, 80s!

And Survivor South Pacific…. Ozzy and Coach have been good characters this Season! And Ozzy’s move just made him the best player, ever…. well, if it works. With a show this long, and with coming back a third time, he needed a bold move to keep his Survivor life interesting. I can understand that. He can be a Boston Rob and control everything from the start. He can be a Russell and scheme and lie. He can be a Parvati and flirt. A Sandra and be devious. But he is paving his own way. Not playing how people usually play. And I hope it pays off. He’ll go down in Survivor history both ways, anyway. The merge is next, and if Ozzy’s move pays off, they’ll go tied (well, even if he loses, Christine will move to them), but I feel they’ll win more than Coach’s tribe. Awesome. That’s why I love Survivor.

Go Ozzy!


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